Lights will Guide You Home


Dazzling White Light,

She didn’t give up the Fight.

Soaring in the power,

She was the reason behind the Sparkling Shower.

Her youngest sister was writhing in pain. She couldn’t just stand there watching from the hedges but she knew she couldn’t really do anything either. If she were alone, she wouldn’t even be thinking before jumping into the clearing, but right now she had three younger sisters with her and they just couldn’t meet the same fate as her youngest sister. However, all this still didn’t give her the pass to gape from the distance and thus, she trusted herself and her spirit to be able to do what was necessary; it was imperative that her power worked: this was “do or die” and she decided to go into the clearing with her sisters by her side.

The girls kept sprinting until they reached the clearing where their helpless sister lay. The gunmen seeing the young girls approach them without any pronounced weapon, rejoiced in glee. Little did they know that the one among them would be the reason for their subsequent deaths. The girls reached the gunmen right when their captured sibling lost consciousness. New prey had come running into their territory, what more could those predators hope for? The men fought the girls as if they were a couple of ants and they were just on the verge of victory when a Dazzling White Light engulfed them, blinding them for life.

The sisters, however, were not the slightest bit affected by the Light though they were taken by surprise and amazement at the sudden occurrence. The eldest of them all didn’t look perplexed, on the contrary, she seemed calmer than ever because she was the source of the light.

The young man was going to ask the angelic figure a series of other important questions when suddenly a large crowd of peculiarly dressed men and women entered his shack and carried the young man on their shoulders toward the crackling fire. The crowd sang and carolled all along in merry tones and gently put the young man down. The medic who had cured the man from his formerly weak state was there too. She however, was neither singing nor smiling kindly; instead she kept muttering something under her breath as if she intuitively knew that something big was approaching.


Of Shacks and Shrieks


A little Sunshine Ray,

Hit them at the Bay.

Happiness engulfed the Island,

The Prophecy was not lost in the Sand.

The young man looked around the little shack, the oil-lamp had burnt out and all was dark around him, yet he could feel the silhouette overlooking him smile with utmost joy. The young man was confused, “Was he dead?” and “Was this the angel who would escort him to the Pearly Gates?” All seemed so peaceful, he had never felt so calm in his entire life. Even though he could just about make out the jawline of the apparent ‘angel’, he had never experienced a more soothing presence in his entire life; it was as if the days of worry and ignorance were finally over.

The door to the shack swung upon with a small squeak and the light from the nearby bonfire engulfed the entire shack into an orange hue. The face directly above the young man seemed to change emotions every second; it would light up with joy one second and then become concerned the next and perplexed in the third. The young man asked the angelic man where he was and was this a resting place before their Final Stop? The man with the changing emotions now gave him a look of utter disbelief and jolly amazement and replied softly ” To me, this feels better than Heaven.”

The three sisters ran towards their shrieking sister and tried their best to fight off the men with the guns. The Devilish men closed on in on the sisters until they were inches away from harming the girls and it was exactly at this moment that a miraculous thing happened and everything and everyone was flooded with dazzling White Light.

The Withering Rose


Just near the clearing,

They witnessed a sight most chilling.

In front of them, they saw

Something not admissible under any law

Their sister lay there helpless, groaning

While they fed on her, moaning

Their sister was pure of heart, full of life and the most innocent creature one could ever hope of coming across. In one sweeping minute, they meted this pious creature a pain that even the Devil himself could not conjure. They tied her up like an animal for sacrifice and pounced on her as if she was the only delicacy their raging hunger could satisfy. With hard, poisonous and painful thrusts, they collectively snuff the life out of the screaming girl.

Their younger sister kept running like the others but while the others found a haven in the dark tunnel, she found a boulder that stood in her way – knocking her unconscious. When their sister regained her senses, she found herself bounded and gagged. She was tied to the same boulder that knocked her unconscious and the gunmen chasing her, now crowded her from all sides. They kept asking her where her sister was and even though she kept muttering the words ” I don’t know”, they kept pressing as if they detested those words to their core. They then decided to ask her about the whereabouts of the “thing” the old Fakir mentioned but again the same reply emanated from the young girl. The girl claimed time and again that she was speaking the truth and that her eldest sister really had not spoken to her about the “thing”, but the gunmen chose to actively ignore her story.

Fed up by the continuous questioning, they decided to torture her into submission and so they lit a fire. They had sturdy branding irons intended for their horses which they now heated in the light of the blazing fire. When smoke started emanating from the irons, they decided to test it out. The girl was undressed, her upper body now bare and shivering. They told her that she need not shiver now and thus with one swift motion, they branded her bosom with their mark and as if this was not enough sadistic pleasure, they voted to undress her for good. Her legs were spread wide apart and one by one the bastards entered her and slowly extracted pleasure out of her now soulless body.

The father could not have wished for such a happy reunion with his child. His boy lay there conscious, sane and perfectly healthy. What more could he have asked for? The father asked his boy how he felt and a croaking reply affirmed his happiness. Celebrations persisted all around the island. The father and son were reunited. The forgotten prophecy had come true! This day was what they all needed, but then the croaking voice from the hut enquired ” when can I leave?”

The Forgotten Prophecy


In his half- sleep,

He could hear her weep.

The forgotten prophecy was alive,

It lay unconscious:

On an island, it would Thrive.

The doctor on the island approached the Wise Men and the moment she uttered the idea of the prophecy coming alive, a furious uproar resonated. It was hard to believe but the young man looked exactly as described in the prophecy- strongly built with an innocent face and even though he lay unconscious, all within the island knew there lay kind eyes under his shut lids.

He was immediately placed inside the cosiest hut the island clan had to offer and the Wisest of all Wise Men personally stayed beside his bedside, looking intently at the man and never for a moment wavering his gaze. The oil lamp crackled its last breath in the moonlit night and it was exactly at this moment that the young man gained consciousness. The first face he saw, was the most moving – there in the moonlight night still awake but concerned lay his father- the King. The father knew his child, but to the child, he was just a stranger.

Against the judgment of the eldest sister, the trio got out of the tunnel. Their sibling was missing and there was no knowledge of her condition. Time was of the essence here and they just had to get out, even if that meant taking on the men with guns single-handedly. The siblings raced across the forest, not caring about their scraped knees and bleeding elbows. They kept sprinting like cheetahs on the go until they were compelled to stop.

Destiny’s Challenge


Re-united again,

The anxious anticipation was in vain

But Destiny is not devoid of surprises,

She has a wicked way with crises

The loud crashing thud made the sisters in the tunnel jump in panic but a flood of relief soon made its way when they heard “it”. They could recognise it anywhere and this was no exception; it was the voice of their missing sister! Finally, they were united, but the fourth sibling was still unwarranted for. Whatever was her fate? Had they caught up to her, and if so, was she still in the same plane of life as them?

The sister who had newly caught up to the other two explained to them how she was running a million miles a minute without daring to look back when a shriek from the parallel side of her path made her turn but she missed a step and ended up in the tunnel. It was all so sudden that she could not make out the source of the shriek but she could bet it came from the remaining sister and thus, she was scared even to think of what remained of her now.

The relief that had flooded the other two sisters had suddenly evaporated and now all there was to do was to think intelligently. They had to choose a suitable time to get out of their apparent hide-out and trace their steps back until they found clues as to the whereabouts of their missing sister. The eldest of them all now cursed herself for negligence. If only she had paid more attention to the nuances of their trek and had eliminated all cause for their discovery, the reality today would have been optimistically different.

The Wise Men made their way to the helpless man who still seemed knocked out. The doctor catering to the man’s wounds swallowed hard as soon as she saw them approaching. The prophecy needed to be taken into account, she just had to try her luck and somehow save the man from expulsion, or worse: Death. She had to speak now, or forever hold her silence.

The Outlander


Seashells and conches

Adorned the bijou hut.

A view with beach branches,

His eyes, however still remained shut.

He had soon become the talk of the island; a lone survivor awaiting consciousness. The wise men of the tribe were extremely reflective today: they were to cast votes; deciding the fate of the Outlander.

It had been two days since his arrival, but the Outlander still showed no signs of recovery. The toddler, however, claimed otherwise; he had heard the outlander’s faint voice but by the time he got to him, the Outlander had lost all consciousness. The denizens of the island took turns to ascertain the greenhorn’s origins, but none could identify the blue in his blood; he was a dormant prince in the awakening.

The tribe medic was called for but the moment she lay eyes on him, she was reminded of an ancient prophecy; she wondered “How could it be true? It was simply impossible!” Deciding to ignore her intuition and banking solely on her medical prowess, she continued crushing and grinding the herbs that would bring the immigrant back to the conscious world. She was just finishing the potion when she was interrupted by the footsteps of the revered men; they had made their decision.

Pitch black darkness engulfed them from all sides, an eerie breeze hung in the air, something didn’t seem right as the two siblings waited in anticipation for the other two. The elder of the two clutched the other with all her might and in her attempt to protect her, formed a canopy shielding them from any menacing creature that may loom in the distance. The more mature sibling was just trying to calm her sister down when she heard a loud thud shaking her from her core.

Plight and Flight


Through the fleeting Mountainside,

The lush magic seemed to Fade.

Gathering up the girls by her frail side,

She quickly became their human barricade.

She held her sisters by her chest as if they were precious jewels and instructed them not to get scared but just run with all their might, never looking back. This was a race and they were a team, the men with large guns were their opponents and they just had to beat them to the finish line to bag the first prize. Little did they know the prize was their life.

Although the mountainside was fading fast behind them, the men kept gaining on them. It was as if the lush greenery had fused into an obstacle track of sorts: a hurdle to the left, a balancing challenge to the right. The siblings were convinced they were ready for the Olympics, that is if they ever made it out of this soup alive. This was definitely not part of the itinerary and judging by the way their sister was running, they had long concluded that there were no gold medals at the finish line.

Another shot was fired, missing their sister by inches. They had never been this high on adrenaline and fear together; they seemed to possess wings. The youngest of them was looking straight ahead at her eldest sister until she completely disappeared. “She was running in front of her just seconds ago, where could she have possibly gone?” The question was soon answered when she too disappeared; into a tunnel away from men, fear or unanswered questions.

He fluttered his eyes open but the salt in his lungs made him wince in pain. The air was cool and a gentle breeze ruffled his soaked hair. Daring to open his eyes again he could just make out the silhouette of a small child. He had no strength left in him and all he could do was faintly mutter the words “help” until the darkness closed on him again.